Irrigation design and INSTALLATION


H2Grow will design and install a custom irrigation system tailored to your watering needs.  We will take the time to educate and help you learn what the best options are for your yard.  Proper design is key in the function of your system.  It is important to know the different water requirements for each area of your yard to help determine what style sprinkler to use.  These are the types of important details that H2Grow will discuss and help with prior to installation.

We pride ourselves on our superior quality, expert design, and strong work ethic.  We will install your system with great care, making sure no unnecessary damage is caused to your lawn.  After the install is complete, our employees will over seed any area that was disturbed during the install to ensure only the best restoration.  When everything is up and running we will take the time to teach you controller operation, proper programming, and even provide you with a zone chart mapping out each zone on the property.  H2Grow is willing to offer a great warranty on all irrigation systems installed.  Please call today to learn  more!









One of the great things about a well maintained irrigation system is how little attention it requires.  Now days nobody has time to worry about how much water their yard is getting, or if their sprinkler has sprung a leak.  Leave it up to the professionals.  H2Grow offers multiple options when it comes to service agreements.   You can make it easy on yourself and make a one time annual payment to cover your system for the entire year.  Choose from a one time inspection, spring start-up, or even sign up for our monthly “check-up” program.  Which ever you prefer, H2Grow is here to make it easy on you.  We employee only the most knowledgeable, caring, courteous technicians in the area.  With the team we have, there is no problem to hard to handle!!